Bed with TV Lifts

According to the followers of Feng Shui, each item in a room generates its own energy, especially electronic devices such as televisions. Having too much energy can cause a room to look busy and appear somewhat chaotic and make you feel unsettled.

Perhaps this is why researchers have found that having a TV in your bedroom can significantly reduce the quantity and quality of your sleep. It doesn`t even have to be turned on to send out negative energy. It just has to be in the same room while you are trying to sleep.

But many folks enjoy unwinding after a hard day at work by relaxing in bed and watching their favorite television shows. Some people like having breakfast in bed while watching TV at the weekends. The solution for these individuals is using a bed with a built-in TV lift. TV lifts are unique cabinets that allow you to lower your flat screen TV into the unit, keeping the electronic device out of sight and reducing disruptive energy. Here at, we offer TV lift cabinets that are as stylish as they are practical.


Using a TV lift cabinet helps to reduce clutter. No matter how clean you keep your bedroom, it will look and feel messy if you have a lot of objects in the room. Having a TV lift at the foot of your bed keeps your television and accompanying cables and cords out of sight. A bed with a TV lift built into the footboard gives your bedroom a clean and uncluttered designer look.

A TV lift protects your expensive flat screen television. This is especially important if you have kids or pets that might yank or chew on the cords. You won`t have to worry about your TV being destroyed if you keep it tucked away inside of a TV lift cabinet.

Having a TV lift built into the foot of your bed is more comfortable because you won`t have to tilt your head to see the screen. No more kinks in your neck while you try to unwind. Our TV lift cabinets come with ample storage space built right into the units. The drawers and cabinets are ideal for keeping other electronics, such as DVD players and cable boxes, out of sight. Our beds that come with built-in TV lifts might even help you enjoy a more productive and restful night`s sleep. Simply lower your TV before turning in for the evening. Out of sight typically equals out of mind.

Choosing the Right Bed With TV Lift

You`ll want to choose a bed and TV lift cabinet that reflects your personal taste and complements your bedroom decor. Our best-selling Miles king-sized bed with lift cabinet offers a more traditional vibe with its solid wood frames, wooden drawers and dark espresso finish.  The Spencer line adds a more modern vibe to bedrooms with its upholstered brown headboard, footboard and rails. 

You`ll also want to choose a bed and cabinet that will hold your flat screen television. Our king-sized beds come with built-in TV lift cabinets that store 37" to 40" TVs. If you have a smaller space, our Spencer and Miles lines also come in queen-sized beds with TV lifts that hold 32" to 36" TVs.

Once you choose your bed size and style, you might just be tempted to redecorate your entire room.